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Vintage Winchester Artwork Collection Reproductions

Searching for that unique finishing touch to decorate your home, office or club?

Your hunt is over.

Now you can own fine art reproductions of some of the most incredible vintage wildlife and sportsman\'s artwork ever created from the "Winchester" collection - a name synonymous with our country's rich shooting sports heritage.

Reproduced under exclusive license, each image from the Winchester collection have been digitally restored to their original brilliance and are faithfully reproduced in a variety of sizes and fine art media.

Own the artwork that captures the powerful imagery and grandeur from the "Golden Age" of the American outdoor experience.

Few Things To Keep In Mind About Winfield Galleries Prints & The Winchester Artwork Collection Images

They aren't making this stuff anymore!

Most of the artwork in this collection was created between the late 1890's and 1950. Many, if not all of the artists who created these images, are long gone.

This artwork was created before photography was the common medium for visualizing advertising and promotional materials. They were also painted decades before the use of image retouching or Photoshop special effects were available to help create the finished piece or attain a desired effect.

With this in mind, the artists were challenged by Winchester to create more than just "advertising art" - they were tasked with telling a story in one image. They had to create drama, conflict, and excitement. They had to draw the viewer into the image.

And they did this through the use of vivid color, incredible detail - and an understanding of the terrain, the game and the sport.

This is not "hotel" art.

Unlike the current trend in generic, "me too" hunting art where another monster buck is jumping over a fence or a boss turkey is strutting into a clearing, the artwork in the Winchester collection represent a groundbreaking and truly original approach to "sporting art." In fact, this category of pre-1950 artwork is often referred to as the "golden age" of sporting artwork.

The images are, literally, the "crown jewels" of the American shooting sports artwork movement.

These artists were the best of the best.

Look through the offerings in each gallery and note the names of the artists. Dozens of different artists and styles are represented in the Winchester collection. In fact, after their "starving commercial artist" period, many of these folks went on to become quite famous American artists: Phillip R. Goodwin, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Fredrick Remington, Lynn Bogue Hunt - just to name a few.

NOTE: Winchester is a registered trademark of Olin Corporation and is used with permission and under exclusive license. No reproductions or copies may be made of any of the artwork images without the express written permission of Olin Corporation.


A Tower Of Strength by Philip R Goodwin


A Time For Action by Philip R Goodwin


Swift Approach by Frank Tenney Johnson


A Surprise For Everyone by Philip R Goodwin


Dangerous Bend by N C Wyeth


Out Pointed by Philip R Goodwin


A Successful Call by Philip R Goodwin


A Startled Moment by Philip R Goodwin


A Shot In The Open by Philip R Goodwin


A Prickly Dilemma by Philip R Goodwin


Bull Moose by Robert Wesley Amick


Protecting The Nest by Robert Wesley Amick


Floating In by Lynn Bogue Hunt


A Shot At The Monarch by Philip R Goodwin


A Safe Shot by Philip R Goodwin


A Golden Opportunity by Philip R Goodwin


One Down by Robert Wesley Amick


A Fleeting Chance by Philip R Goodwin


Take The Shot by Philip R Goodwin


A Chance On The Trail by Philip R Goodwin


Just A Little Closer by R Farrington Elwell


Good Boy by Relyer


Into The Wind by Edmund Osthaus


Sunset At Camp by Unknown


Prize Catch by Philip R Goodwin


Dinner Comin' Up by Philip R Goodwin


A Reel Sensation by Hy Hintermeister


Protecting The Harem by Unknown


In Silent Places by Philip R Goodwin


Before The White Man Came by Philip R Goodwin


An Interrupted Duel by Philip R Goodwin


A Thrilling Moment by Philip R Goodwin


Better Back Off by Philip R Goodwin


Hewing The Way by Philip R Goodwin


A Grizzly Surprise by Philip R Goodwin


The Advance Guard by Philip R Goodwin


An Alarm by Philip R Goodwin


Surprise Opportunity by Philip R Goodwin


Red Demon Of The Forest by Philip R Goodwin


Heading Down Steam by Philip R Goodwin


Winchester Guide by Unknown


Downstream Opportunity by Unknown


Bugling Elk by Philip R Goodwin


1887 Winchester Repeating Arms And Ammunition Calendar by Unknown


1888 Winchester Repeating Arms And Ammunition Calendar by Unknown


1889 Winchester Repeating Arms And Ammunition Calendar by A B Frost


1890 Winchester Repeating Arms And Ammunition Calendar by Unknown


1891 Winchester Repeating Arms And Ammunition Calendar by Fredrick Remington